Bicycling Magazine Boulder, CO: Bike to Work Day 2011 map editor Andrew Matranga and fellow magazine editor Shannon Davis ride to work from where they live in Longmont on Bike to Work Day 2011. This 11-mile ride travels through the farms of Boulder County, and is easily linked with other local roads for outstanding ride options.

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Author: Bicycling Magazine
Date: 22 Jun 2011 4:25:34 PM
Activity: Bicycling
State: Colorado (CO)
Distance: Total: 14.28 mi
Active: 14.23 mi
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Calories: 599
Average Speed: Overall: 12.9 mph - 0:04:39/mi
Active: 14.0 mph - 0:04:16/mi
Duration: Total: 1:06:33
Active: 1:00:47
Resting: 0:05:46
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 234 ft
Total Loss: 101 ft
Net Change: 133 ft
Difficulty: 5 / 10
Tags: bike to work day 2011, Colorado, Commuting, Longmont
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Temps were great, and the road was packed with cyclists--not uncommon in Boulder County, but still great to see. We cruised at a good pace and made it in time for the last round of burritos, free lights, and coffee at the Nite Ize tent right around the corner from the BICYCLING map office. Big thanks to the Denver Regional Council of Governments for coordinating Bike to Work Day 2011.

Mapped by Andrew Matranga

Position Format: Datum:

Lap 1

Distance: 14.28 mi Points: 3018 Calories: 599
Total Time: 1:06:33 Speed: 12.9 mph Pace: 4:39 / mi
Active Time: 1:00:47 Speed: 14.0 mph Pace: 4:16 / mi

Points of Interest

Doing laps, waiting for Shannon

Location: 40.141943, -105.162292

Down 61st

Location: 40.033913, -105.211494
Shannon approaching Valmont Butte. © trangy

On the road to Valmonte Butte

Location: 40.033913, -105.211494
© trangy

Nite Ize Tent

Location: 40.019612, -105.221676
Fuel © trangy

At the office

Location: 40.026220, -105.223474
© trangy

On the road

Location: 40.032485, -105.211461
© trangy

Flatirons View

Location: 40.029353, -105.218486
© trangy

Shannon Toasting the Nite Ize Crew

Location: 40.019616, -105.221666
null © trangy

Sweet Bike Lights

Location: 40.019614, -105.221681
© trangy

Bike Path

Location: 40.029239, -105.220777
© trangy

Nite Ize Crew Rocking Bike to Work Day

Location: 40.019612, -105.221680
© trangy

Nite Ize tent

Location: 40.019612, -105.221676
© trangy Map Office

Location: 40.024985, -105.224776
Where the magic happens...

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