Wissahickon Creek 

From North to South along Forbidden Drive in Philly lies the immaculate and amazing Wissahickon Mountain BIke Trail system.

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Author: Laroo
Date: 21 May 2008 11:34:02 AM
Activity: Mountain Biking
State: Pennsylvania (PA)
Distance: 13.84 mi  (Change units)
Calories: 2120
Average Speed: Overall: 4.5 mph - 0:13:18/mi
Active: 6.2 mph - 0:09:40/mi
Duration: Total: 3:04:14
Active: 2:13:53
Resting: 0:50:21
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 3604 ft
Total Loss: 3590 ft
Net Change: 15 ft
Difficulty: 5 / 10
Tags: Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
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Wissahickon Creek

Distance: 13.84 mi Points: 1665 Calories: 2120
Total Time: 3:04:14 Speed: 4.5 mph Pace: 13:18 / mi
Active Time: 2:13:53 Speed: 6.2 mph Pace: 9:40 / mi

Points of Interest

Location: 40.032108, -75.202146
Well-manicured trail - like this half-pipe-esque section - are a common site all along Wissahickon Creek.

Location: 40.077415, -75.227337
The Bell's Mill entrance on the north end of Wissahickon Creek and Forbidden Drive has free parking and immediate access to the trails.

Location: 40.051796, -75.220857
Ripping singletrack buffed out with sweet jumps and burmed out turns is par for the course at the Wiss.

Location: 40.022529, -75.202006
Even the local freeride kids have tapped in to this Philly MTB resource. A minipark with jumps can be found at the parks south end.

Location: 40.027549, -75.192640
The South entrance to the Wissahickon trail sytem is on Lincoln Drive just north of Philadelphia center city.

Freeride Jumps

Location: 40.022299, -75.201942
Rhythm section jumps in the freeride park at the Wiss.

Location: 40.034318, -75.205987
Lush green old growth forest surrounds the roller coaster Wissahickon trail system. Yep, a lot of up and down.

Location: 40.071931, -75.225535
Relics, like this bridge, from Forbidden Drive's past as a major Philadelphia thouroughfare abound in the Park. Cars are no longer allowed anywhere in the Wiss.

Wissahickon Trail Project

Location: 40.053143, -75.222316
The Wissahickon trail demonstration project is a jopint effort between the local IMBA chapter and the friends of Wissahickon to improve and maintain the trail system for users.

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