Bicycling Magazine Austin, TX: Weir Lost 

Navigate a winding circuit of county roads on this easy 32.4-mile loop north of Austin. You'll tour open plains and pass through several country towns--if you can find them.

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Author: Bicycling Magazine
Date: 25 Jan 2009 8:36:51 PM
Activity: Bicycling
State: Texas (TX)
Distance: 32.42 mi  (Change units)
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 1310 ft
Total Loss: 1311 ft
Net Change: -1 ft
Difficulty: 5 / 10
Tags: Austin, Round Rock, Texas
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

From Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, Texas, this 32.4-mile route makes a counter clockwise loop through farmland and rolling hills to the small-town store in Weir. Shoulderless country roads on almost the entire route are perfect for a calm cruise through the gently rolling plains, but be warned: navigation is this route’s biggest challenge.

The web of country roads isn’t well signed and sprawling farmland between junctions means that missing a turn can take you miles past your intended destination. Use Highways 130 and 29 (both of which you’ll cross twice on this route) as landmarks and be weary of navigating north of Weir on Farm Road 971. For an intro to this ride, consider joining the Austin Cycling Association for one of its regular hosted rides in the area, or keep your GPS, cue sheet and/or map on hand for quick references en route.

-Mapped by Jessica Talley

TO TRAILHEAD: From Austin, drive 17 miles north on I-35. Take exit 253 to US-79 and follow US-79 east for 4.6 miles. Turn Left at Red Bud Lane and continue 0.8 miles on Stoney Point Road. Turn on TC Oatts Lane. In 0.2 miles turn right onto Aten Loop and take the first left into the baseball complex parking area.

Position Format: Datum:

Weir Lost

Distance: 32.42 mi Points: 1081
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
# Distance Instruction Distance to next
1 0.00 mi Start - Old Settlers Park Then go 0.05 mi
2 0.05 mi Turn Left - Allen Loop Then go 0.11 mi
3 0.17 mi Turn Right - Kiphen Road Then go 0.21 mi
4 0.38 mi Turn Left - Stoney Point Road Then go 0.34 mi
5 0.72 mi Bear Right - 122 Then go 0.92 mi
6 1.64 mi Turn Left - TX-110 Then go 0.51 mi
7 2.15 mi Straight - TX-110 Then go 1.63 mi
8 3.78 mi Turn Right - Chandler Road Then go 4.91 mi
9 8.69 mi Turn Left - FM-1660 Then go 3.04 mi
10 11.72 mi Turn Right - TX-29 Then go 0.09 mi
11 11.82 mi Turn Left - Highway 126 Then go 1.36 mi
12 13.17 mi Turn Right - Highway 191 Then go 0.39 mi
13 13.57 mi Turn Left - Highway 127 Then go 1.24 mi
14 14.80 mi Turn Left - Highway 124 Then go 1.95 mi
15 16.75 mi Turn Right - Highway 120 Then go 0.55 mi
16 17.30 mi Turn Right - Highway 120 Then go 0.56 mi
17 17.85 mi Turn Left - Farm Road 971 Then go 0.07 mi
18 17.92 mi U-Turn - Weir Country Store Then go 0.06 mi
19 17.98 mi Turn Right - Highway 120 Then go 0.86 mi
20 18.84 mi Bear Right - Highway 120 Then go 0.89 mi
21 19.73 mi Bear Right - Highway 120 Then go 0.32 mi
22 20.05 mi Turn Left - Highway 120 Then go 0.21 mi
23 20.27 mi Turn Right - TX-29 Then go 1.12 mi
24 21.38 mi Turn Left - Highway 106 Then go 1.93 mi
25 23.31 mi Turn Right - Highway 106 Then go 0.81 mi
26 24.12 mi Turn Right - Highway 105 Then go 1.77 mi
27 25.88 mi Bear Left - Highway 105 Then go 0.92 mi
28 26.80 mi Turn Left - Highway 110 Then go 2.28 mi
29 29.09 mi Turn Right - Highway 112 Then go 1.25 mi
30 30.33 mi Turn Left - Highway 117 Then go 1.35 mi
31 31.69 mi Turn Right - Stoney Point Road Then go 0.33 mi
32 32.02 mi Turn Right - Kiphen Road Then go 0.21 mi
33 32.23 mi Turn Left - Allen Loop Then go 0.12 mi
34 32.35 mi Turn Right - Parking Lot

Points of Interest


Location: 30.544817, -97.618976
This ride begins at the parking lot on the north side of Old Settlers Park in Round Rock. The park is a local sporting destination equipped with a softball complex, baseball complex, 3.13 miles of trail, a pond, a professionally designed disc golf course, sand volleyball courts, rentable pavilions, 7 soccer fields, 12 tennis courts, an aquatic center, water park, and practice football fields.


Location: 30.588051, -97.601466
This point at mile 4.5 marks the rides high point and is the end of the 200-foot warm-up climb from the start point. Look forward to the easy ride down this same hill near ride end.


Location: 30.639297, -97.541771
Though Jonah was once a thriving community along the San Gabriel River, these days the tiny town has no cycling-friendly services.


Location: 30.667300, -97.582798
This route turns north toward Weir at mile 17.6. The country store is worth the 1-mile out-and-back detour, but there's another well-equipped store on this route in another 4 miles.


Location: 30.646700, -97.582626
This 1-mile stretch along TX-29 is one of the busiest on this loop, but it is flat and wide shoulders make it easily ride-able.


Location: 30.643580, -97.601295
This convenience store has both water and restrooms. Even if you're not stopping, look for it about a mile after the turn onto TX-29: it marks your left turn onto Highway 106.


Location: 30.628754, -97.582283
Just past mile 23, Highway 106 turns to County Road 103. Take a right after the short eastbound jog and head 0.8 miles south toward Highway 105.


Location: 30.584061, -97.614899
You'll be headed downhill toward this traffic signal at the University Boulevard junction, so watch your speed and be prepared to stop.

Flag on 124

Location: 30.676652, -97.546363
Patriotic residents on this route let their loyalty for the Lone Star State fly. © Jessica Talley

Weir Store

Location: 30.674728, -97.587159
The country store in Weir has water, snacks, bathrooms, BBQ, and anything else you might need. © Jessica Talley

Weir Store

Location: 30.674742, -97.587288
A great country atmosphere and welcoming locals await at the Weir store. © Jessica Talley

San Gabriel River

Location: 30.646091, -97.585416
A view of the San Gabriel River from Mankins Crossing on TX-29. © Jessica Talley


Location: 30.638244, -97.598505
The limestone bed of Mankins Branch signals you're on the right track and headed back toward Old Settlers Park in Round Rock. The bridge is just one lane and it's followed by a gentle climb. © Jessica Talley


Location: 30.615164, -97.589107
In addition to cycling traffic, you may encounter occasional horseback riders on these country roads. © Jessica Talley

Highway 110

Location: 30.585317, -97.615242
A rider cruising down the gentle slop of Highway 110 near this ride's end. © Jessica Talley


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