Bicycling Magazine Seattle, WA: Lake Washington and Lake Sammammish Loop 

Tour two lakeshores and an island on this 55.4-mile loop circling Lake Washington and Lake Sammammish.

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Author: Bicycling Magazine
Date: 21 Oct 2009 9:18:24 PM
Activity: Bicycling
State: Washington (WA)
Distance: 55.42 mi  (Change units)
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 1479 ft
Total Loss: 1480 ft
Net Change: -1 ft
Difficulty: 6 / 10
Tags: Bothell, Mercer Island, Seattle, Washington
Rating: Unrated   Rate it

This moderate, 55.4-mile loop circles Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish and finishes with a quick spin across Mercer Island. Start at Gas Works Park and merge onto the Burke-Gilman Trail, following it north through the University of Washington campus. After 7 miles, cruise past Matthews Beach Park and continue north roughly 5 more miles to Tracy Owen Station Park and the northern edge of Lake Washington.

From here, the route rounds to the east and merges onto the Sammamish River Trail. At mile 17, the trail curves south and travels another 6.5 miles to Redmond; you'll leave the trail in Redmond and follow Redmond Way and Lake Sammamish Parkway along the eastern edge of Lake Sammamish. At the southern tip of the lake, the route veers west and follows the I-90 Trail onto Mercer Island, then back to Seattle. The final 6.5 miles of the ride follow Martin Luther King Way and Lake Washington Boulevard back to the Burke-Gilman Trail and Gas Works Park.

-Mapped by Bryan Rivard

TO TRAILHEAD: The ride starts in Gas Works Park at 2101 N. Northlake Way.

Position Format: Datum:

Seattle, WA: Lake Washington and Sammammish Loop

Distance: 55.42 mi Points: 1979
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
# Distance Instruction Distance to next
1 0.00 mi Start - Gas Work Park Then go 0.02 mi
2 0.02 mi Straight - Burke-Gilman Trail Then go 15.39 mi
3 15.41 mi Straight - Sammamish River Trail Then go 9.57 mi
4 24.98 mi Turn Right - Merge onto Redmond Way's bike lane Then go 0.57 mi
5 25.55 mi Turn Right - E Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE Then go 3.47 mi
6 29.02 mi Straight - E Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE Then go 5.91 mi
7 34.93 mi Turn Right - SE 56th St/NW Sammamish Rd Then go 4.47 mi
8 39.40 mi Turn Left - SE 34th St Then go 0.31 mi
9 39.71 mi Turn Right - SE Eastgate Way Then go 1.97 mi
10 41.68 mi Turn Left - 128th Ave SE Then go 0.11 mi
11 41.79 mi Turn Right - Bike Path Then go 0.61 mi
12 42.39 mi Turn Left - Bike Path Then go 0.39 mi
13 42.79 mi Turn Right - Bike Path Then go 0.32 mi
14 43.11 mi Straight - Bellevue Way SE Then go 0.04 mi
15 43.15 mi Bear Left - 113th Ave SE Then go 0.48 mi
16 43.62 mi Bear Left - Bike Path Then go 0.01 mi
17 43.63 mi Bear Left - Bike Path Then go 0.87 mi
18 44.51 mi Bear Right - Then go 1.76 mi
19 46.26 mi Turn Right - Bike Path Then go 0.26 mi
20 46.52 mi Turn Right - Bike Path Then go 1.91 mi
21 48.43 mi Turn Left - Mount Baker Bike Tunnel Then go 0.47 mi
22 48.90 mi Turn Right - Martin Luther King Way S Then go 2.30 mi
23 51.20 mi Turn Right - E Madison St Then go 0.28 mi
24 51.48 mi Bear Left - Lake Washington Blvd E Then go 1.11 mi
25 52.58 mi Bear Left - Lake Washington Blvd E Then go 0.53 mi
26 53.11 mi Turn Right - Then go 0.36 mi
27 53.47 mi Turn Left - Pacific St Then go 0.14 mi
28 53.61 mi Turn Right - Then go 0.02 mi
29 53.63 mi Turn Right - Pacific Pl Then go 0.05 mi
30 53.67 mi Turn Left - Then go 0.02 mi
31 53.69 mi Turn Left - Burke-Gilman Trail Then go 1.71 mi
32 55.40 mi Straight - Northlake Way Then go 0.02 mi
33 55.42 mi Stop - Gas Work Park

Points of Interest

Start/End: Gasworks Park Parking Lot

Location: 47.646813, -122.334453
From the Gasworks Park Parking lot, cross the street heading north on the Burke Gilman Trail.

Gas Works Park

Location: 47.646813, -122.334421
The ride starts and ends at Gas Works Park.

Road Crossings

Location: 47.654264, -122.314479
Continue to follow the Burke-Gilman Trail past several road crossings. Watch for pedestrians in the many crosswalks over the next 3 miles.

Burke-Gilman Bike Path

Location: 47.650761, -122.307122
It's a smooth ride past the University of Washington. Be mindful of the numerous pedestrians, stop signs, and crosswalks.

25th Avenue: Major Road Crossing

Location: 47.666189, -122.300797
Cross at the signal and continue straight (east) across 25th Avenue. The next 2 miles wind through wooded residential areas.

Trail Fork

Location: 47.667900, -122.283446
Around the bend from Burke-Gilman Playground Park, the trail splits.

Gradual Turn

Location: 47.693660, -122.275890
Follow the trail through a gradual turn north.

Matthews Beach Park

Location: 47.697126, -122.275493
Pass the two entrances to Matthews Beach Park. The park houses several restroom facilities, a picnic area, potable water, and a beach.

Entrance to Matthews Beach Park

Location: 47.697133, -122.275321
Descend trail to the water's edge. Restrooms, picnic areas, and beach are available.

Matthews Beach Park

Location: 47.696859, -122.272811

Locals Craig and Audrey

Location: 47.709184, -122.276330
These local pedestrians are known by many cyclists.

Cyclist on the Burke-Gilman

Location: 47.724328, -122.281029

Continue Straight

Location: 47.751811, -122.280128
Continue straight across 170th Street and reconnect with the trail. Watch out: Cyclists coming in the opposite direction may take the corner too sharply and cut close to you.

Tracy Owen Station Park

Location: 47.757539, -122.267951
Remain on the trail or take the slight detour through the park. Restrooms, a wooded picnic area, water, and a small personal watercraft launch point make up this park.

View from Tracy Owen Station Park

Location: 47.757510, -122.267253


Location: 47.758148, -122.257935

Begin Gradual Incline

Location: 47.751957, -122.210189
Begin a gradual climb to the bridge.

Bridge Crossing

Location: 47.752378, -122.210369
Turn right and cross the bridge.

Cyclists Crossing the Bridge

Location: 47.752392, -122.210321

Junction: Continue Straight

Location: 47.757499, -122.206971
Continue straight, passing a bridge on the left. Watch for cyclists coming off the bridge as you round the bend.

View Across River

Location: 47.757495, -122.206786

Sammamish River Trail

Location: 47.758884, -122.203873
Continue on Sammamish River Trail.

Cross the Sammamish River

Location: 47.754933, -122.196408
Turn left, cross the bridge, then bear right to continue on the trail.

Woodinville Drive

Location: 47.754936, -122.194238
Follow Woodinville Drive east.

Junction: Bear Left

Location: 47.755425, -122.189797
Bear left through the wooden posts and continue north for a 150 feet. Next, bear right (east) at the next fork and cross the bridge.

Curves Ahead

Location: 47.758123, -122.178955
Begin a mile-long section of gradual winding curves.

Cyclist Biking the Bend

Location: 47.757986, -122.178370

Bike Path

Location: 47.727150, -122.142863

Sammamish River Trail

Location: 47.700961, -122.143400


Location: 47.669780, -122.110827
Cross the bike path and continue to Redmond Way.

Bike Lane

Location: 47.670322, -122.109743
Merge right into the bike lane on Redmond Way.

Continue on Redmond Way

Location: 47.667772, -122.102523
Continue on Redmond Way until you reach Lake Sammamish Parkway NE.

Lake Sammamish Parkway NE

Location: 47.665893, -122.100098
Bear right (south) onto E Lake Sammamish Parkway NE.

Gradual Downhill Curve

Location: 47.631424, -122.070395

Looking North from I-90 Bridge

Location: 47.579073, -122.200595

Luther Burbank Park

Location: 47.585558, -122.226033

Bike Path

Location: 47.590355, -122.248124

Western View from I-90 Bridge

Location: 47.589812, -122.255259

Mount Baker Bike Tunnel

Location: 47.590391, -122.288947

Eastern View from Montlake Bridge

Location: 47.647227, -122.304552

Western View from Montlake Bridge

Location: 47.647451, -122.304568

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