Bicycling Magazine Tour de France 2009: Stage 4 

July 7th: Montpellier Team Time Trial

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Author: Bicycling Magazine
Date: 2 Jun 2009 5:49:38 PM
Activity: Bicycling
State: France (FRA)
Distance: 24.76 mi  (Change units)
Survey Elevation: Total Gain: 2152 ft
Total Loss: 2031 ft
Net Change: 121 ft
Difficulty: 6 / 10
Tags: France, Montpellier, Tour de France 2009
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The Team Time Trial (TTT) returns for the first time since 2005, and gone are the goofy rules limiting maximum time losses. That means the climbers’ teams can’t coast—and the weaker teams could lose minutes over the 38 kilometers. The course is not exceptionally technical save for a large number of roundabouts (many near the end) that may sap speed from teams that don't hold tight on the turns. A little bit of moisture on race day could wreak havoc on the best laid plans.

Betting Line: The stage is about team strength and cohesiveness.  Armstrong’s Postal team ruled for this stage for three years, but Astana's formidable talent may not be enough to hold off TT powerhouses like Garmin-Slipstream and Columbia.

Note: Stage route, exact start/finish, and sprints/climbs have been approximated from information provided by Actual stage may vary slightly.

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3D STAGE MAP: Fly over the Tour de France's steep climbs, windy roads, and sprint finishes in this interactive Google Earth map.  

Position Format: Datum:

Tour de France: Stage 4

Distance: 24.76 mi Points: 636
Total Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi
Active Time: none Speed: 0.0 mph Pace: 0:00 / mi

Points of Interest

Start: Montpellier

Location: 43.607804, 3.893967

Time Check: Grabels

Location: 43.647877, 3.797493

Time Check: Murviel-Les-Montpellier

Location: 43.604759, 3.736897

Time Check: Pignan

Location: 43.579520, 3.767109

Finish: Montpellier

Location: 43.595653, 3.847189
Avenue de Vanieres

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